Flashback Friday: Heavy D and Ideal

Look y’all, I know Halloween is behind us and the holiday season approaches, but can we at least wait until y’all burn up that dry turkey before dragging out the Christmas decorations? I’ve already seen wreaths on the door. EVERYBODY CALM DOWN.

Maybe this music will get your mind right.

big tyme

Heavy D & The Boyz, Big Tyme (1989)

I’ve said it a million times and it’s bears repeating yet again – I miss the days when music was fun. Big Hev always brought the party, consistently dropping albums that were the perfect blend of lyricism and energy. He’s one of those lost legends who rarely gets his due for changing the landscape of hip-hop. I still miss that man.

Also check out:

“Gyrlz, They Love Me”

“Somebody for Me”


Ideal (1999)

The 90s had no shortage of R&B groups. Ideal popped up just as the decade wrapped up and they vanished almost as quickly. Their debut album certainly was promising, with “Get Gone” being the breakup anthem of 1999. “Whatever” was more my speed though. They group has teased a reunion for years – it’s time they gave it another shot.

Also check out:

“Whatever,” featuring Lil Mo

“Creep Inn”

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