Flashback Friday: Keith Sweat and Joe Budden

Yo, it’s Friday – you survived the week!

Here’s your reward, a couple of throwbacks. Thank me later.

ill give all my love to you

Keith Sweat, I’ll Give All My Love to You (1990)

GUESS WHO HAS A NEW ALBUM TODAY!? Yes, the OG of R&B, King Keef Sweat drops lucky No. 13 today, Playing for Keeps. Stay tuned for that review. In the meantime, check out his 1990 effort, a release that still rests near the top of his dynamic catalog.

Also check out:

“Make You Sweat”

“Merry Go Round”

joe budden

Joe Budden (2003)

Fans are weird in 2018, man. Hip-hop heads have long recognized Joe Budden as an extremely skilled MC with a somewhat uneven catalog of albums. But thanks to his very outspoken stance on, well, everything, in recent months younger fans have heralded him as one of the greatest of all time.

Of all time. Weird.

Regardless, Joey does have his highlights, with his debut being his greatest claim to mainstream fame. Well, before he started yelling at people on Twitter.

Also check out:

“Fire (Yes, Yes, Y’all)” featuring Busta Rhymes


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