Flashback Friday: Brand Nubian and IMx

It’s Friday, playas, celebrate! Today we’re looking back at two memorable groups that decided to reinvent themselves with the times – and hey, they pulled it off pretty well.


Brand Nubian, Foundation (1998)

By 1998, we thought the once-great group Brand Nubian was gone for good. All the original members had moved on to other endeavors. But sometimes I’m happy to be wrong – their 1998 reunion album exceeded expectations, resulting in some of their best work ever. We’re long overdue for another reunion.

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“The Return”

“Let’s Dance”

introducing imx

IMx, Introducing IMx (1999)

You gotta grow up sometime. After spending nearly a decade as pint-sized heartthrobs, the dudes from Immature reinvented themselves with a name change and a much-needed mature sound with their 1999 release. They pulled it off very well, extending their careers and eventually becoming a template for Marques Houston’s solo ventures.

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“In and Out of Love”

“Keep It On the Low”

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