Flashback Friday: Blaque and Dr. Dre

Y’all ready to party like it’s 1999 this Friday? Let’s do it.


Blaque (1999)

Thinking back, Blaque was ahead of its time. They’d be pretty strong crossover stars in today’s market – their R&B/pop blend is being borrowed by artists of all genres. Their debut was extremely promising, giving us a few songs that still get spins today.

Also check out:

“I Do”

“Bring It All to Me”


Dr. Dre, 2001 (1999)

Am I the only person bothered that this album was named 2001 but dropped in 99? Just me? Oh OK, cool. I guess the name doesn’t matter when Dre was able to successfully drop an album that lives up to the revered reputation of the original Chronic.

Also check out:

“The Next Episode,” featuring Snoop Dogg

“Still DRE,” featuring Snoop Dogg

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