Introducing R&B vocalist Anna Moore, One Day EP

one day

I know many R&B fans, myself included, lament the days of R&B superstars dominating the charts.

Those days are behind us at the moment, but look at the bright side – the absence of megastars allow new, talented artists to get the attention they deserve.

Trust me, Anna Moore deserves all your attention.

The Atlanta-based Moore discovered her love for music after writing poems at the age of 9, eventually turning to songwriting. She found inspiration from artists like Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Sade, The Isley Brothers, Selena and her new EP, One Day, definitely is 90s-inspired.

Check out her five-track EP and the video for the title track below. It’s a fresh yet familiar sound that’s one of the more impressive debuts I’ve heard in a long, long time. Anna Moore will have her day in the sun, you heard it here first.

You can link up with Anna on Twitter @earlyAMmusic

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