Flashback Friday: Special Ed and Teena Marie

Hey, I’m an 80s baby, so this Friday, let’s revisit my decade and pluck out a few hits you probably haven’t heard in awhile.

youngest in charge

Special Ed, Youngest In Charge (1989)

Lyrical. Charismatic. Ladies man. And ultra-cocky. Special Ed was the blueprint for a generation of rappers. His 1989 debut might not land on too many “greatest of all time” lists in 2018 but trust me, this one was groundbreaking and still holds up today. Ed truly was one of the greats of his era.

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“Think About It”

“I’m the Magnificent”


Teena Marie, Starchild (1984)

Lady T left us almost a decade ago and I still mourn that woman. Her vocals could rattle you to your core and her 1984 release Starchild continued to prove that her voice was unmatched. “Out on a Limb” will never fade away.

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