Flashback Friday: Missy Elliott and Big Pun

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miss e

Missy Elliott, Miss E … So Addictive (2001)

Missy’s third album was a huge turning point, the era where she was finally being recognized by snooty critics as a musical force. But we already knew how great she was. Containing some of the most memorable records of her career, Miss E … So Addictive still stands as one of Missy’s best efforts.

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“Take Away,” featuring Ginuwine

“One Minute Man,” featuring Ludacris

yeeeah baby

Big Pun, Yeeeah Baby (2000)

Released mere months after Pun’s untimely passing, Yeeeah Baby was a depiction of what we could have had in hip-hop for years to come. While not as great as his incredible debut, this LP was still loaded with the humor, sick wordplay and wit that would be Pun’s legacy. Gone WAY too soon.

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“New York Giants,” featuring MOP

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