Flashback Friday: Brandy VS Monica

Have you checked out our 1998 retrospective piece? If not, go see why 1998 was one of the last great years for both hip-hop and R&B.

If you have already read it, um, go read it again. GIMMIE DEM PAGEVIEWS.

While we’re on the topic, that brings us to one of R&B’s eternal debates – Brandy vs Monica. They came into the game roughly around the same time, engaged in friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) rivalries, and developed massive fan bases along the way.

Who you riding for?

never say never

Brandy, Never Say Never (1998)

Is Never Say Never Brandy’s best album? It’s certainly in the conversation. Brandy would find incredible chemistry with up-and-coming producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins, creating some of the most memorable music of her career. Brandy went from child star to pure superstar with this record.

Also check out:

“Almost Doesn’t Count”

“Angel in Disguise”

the boy is mine

Monica, The Boy is Mine (1998)

Weird Edd fact: It always kinda bothered me that Monica named her album after her duet with Brandy. I realize it’s technically both of their songs, but it always felt sorta like she was riding coattails. I know it’s unfair but that’s just because I’m a big Monica fan and wanted her to thrive on her own. Her sophomore album sets out to do just that, a solid release that really doesn’t get enough credit today.

Also check out:

“Street Symphony”

“Angel of Mine”

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