Love Letters: It’s 2018. How Do I Finally Move On From My Ex?

new year new me

Happy 2018, y’all!

It’s the time of year where everyone commits to a fresh start, screaming to the top of their lungs, NEW YEAR, NEW ME.


Looks like the same ol’ you from here. But let’s fix that.


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Here’s today’s question:

Now that 2018 is here how do I keep the losers from 2017 that think they can get a do-over in 2018 away from my inbox, DMs and my life?


Well, here’s the thing to keep in mind, playa – you may see 2018 as a new start. But for those lames in your life, it’s a second chance to finally win you over.

Two sides of the same raggedy coin.

And while the easy answer to your question is JUST IGNORE THE DUDE, that’s not as simple as it sounds 2018. You see, unfortunately in the social media era, it seems like the art of the Cut Off has been lost to time.

Back when I was but a young playa, girls were MASTERS at leaving brothers out to dry. They’d change their number, have their loud female friends scream at you over three-way or even give you a fake phone number (usually Domino’s Pizza) to get you off their case.

But now we’re in the time of Twitter, where we have to let thousands of strangers know our every move. And while some people (who have nothing better to do) find it satisfying to yell at their enemies online to get props from people they’ve never met, that WILL NOT get that pesky ex off your back.

Lemme fill you in on a secret – ex’s can be persistent. No one wants to take an L and admit defeat.

As therapeutic as it may be to draaaaaag them on social media and get a lot of yasssssssss and likes, that doesn’t help. It only shows Annoying Ex that he’s still on your mind. And for him, that’s a win.

So all that ranting and raving does nothing but feed their ego.  And the best way to kill ’em off is to starve them.

The trick isn’t trying to find a way to make your ex leave you alone, it’s finding enough worth in yourself to close the chapter on your terms. That means focusing on yourself. Spend time with loved ones. Focus on fitness goals or finally start doing that writing you’ve been putting off. Make new friends. Hone in on your career goals. Read early and often (emphasis on often).

And for the sake of our Lord and Savior CUT OFF CONTACT WITH YOUR EX FOR GOOD. Do not waste one keystroke on your past.

As long as he knows he’s renting space in your brain, he’s gonna think the doors will be open for another visit. Change the locks and start 2018 fresh.

Now, let’s see what ol’ KJ has poppin’ in 2018.


Do you think this meme has a valid point?



KJ’s out here sounding like DW’s ex.

I GUESS the point of this meme is that every relationship comes with tribulation? That I will agree with.

Reminder: There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. THERE WILL BE BEEF. It’s how you react to, move on and grow from those struggles that will shape your future.

But I can happily say that I’ve never been blocked by my wife. I’ve only been blocked by weirdos, Trump supporters and Nicki Minaj stans.

They’re losing anyway, so no biggie.


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