Guilty Pleasures: Culture Club, Mistake No. 3


waking up with the house on fire

We all have guilty pleasures, those songs that have no business on our iPods or the tracks we only blast with the windows rolled all the way up in our rides. In this column we share our darkest musical secrets.

Shout out to our boy Derrick Dunn – my dude is the biggest New Edition fan on the planet but apparently he gets down with Boy George too. His guilty pleasure comes straight from Culture Club and while their weirdo brand of 80s soul and frantic pop hasn’t necessarily aged well, I’m certainly here for it. Take a listen.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Email, hit me up on Twitter @etbowser, or stop by the comments section and share your guilty pleasures. Leave a sentence or two and I’ll share your selection in a future column.



  1. Boy George has proven he is a ugly jealous racist, with his sleezy remarks about an Asian Boybamd BTS. He taunted the Chainsmokers what they are smoking when they praises bts. Boy George, a broke has-been, who has to live with his manager.. once had few hits long LONG time ago but blew it all away as junkie. In another words, HE smoked his brain cells away. Hence hurtful racist remarks coming out of a gay guy, who obviously forgot what it feels like to be hated for just being who you are. Bts and the chainsmokers are smoking nothing except fame and fortune. We know you had to cancel your concert, NOT because of health issues but because tickets r not selling Truth hurts! Huh? I know you are hating because you are hurting, but try reinventing yourself, instead of eating off of long forgotten fame. And don’t hate unless, you want the hate to come back to you, B.O.Y (really, aren’t you like 60 years old?) George.

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