Flashback Friday: Jill Scott and Elzhi

Yooo, Friday is finally here.

And after the week this country has had, Lord knows we all need some uplifting.

Check out these great albums.

who is jill scott

Jill Scott, Who Is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol. 1 (2000)

Have you checked out our Top 30 R&B Albums of the 2000s list? It’s been hotly debated in our SoulInStereo.com Facebook group all week (by the way, get your life and join if you haven’t already). One of those critics was my own wife, who enjoyed the list but had one big criticism – she thought I ranked Jill Scott’s debut much too low. It’s hard to argue the greatness of this album. It’s easily one of the best of its era.

Also check out:

“Gettin’ In The Way”

“He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)”


Elzhi, Elmatic (2011)

If you don’t think Nas’ Illmatic is the greatest rap album ever recorded, kindly escort yourself off my page and go listen to that Migos joint. Elzhi’s clearly a big fan of Illmatic and back in 2011 he dropped a mixtape that served as a tribute to that landmark release. Elzhi’s interpretation of Nas’ classic tracks were great – true to the source material but varied enough to not be total clones. It was a very underrated release.

Also check out:

“Detroit State of Mind”

“It Ain’t Hard to Tell”

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