Flashback Friday: Salt-N-Pepa and Rome

Hey y’all it’s Friday? Whatchu listening to?

very necessary

Salt-N-Pepa, Very Necessary (1993)

Pull up a chair, children, it’s story time. I might behard to believe these days but there was a time when there were more than two female rappers on the scene at a time.  Unbelievable, I know. In fact, there was a time when Salt-N-Pepa weren’t just the best among their many female peers, they were arguably the most recognizable rap group in the world. S-N-P were already stars before they dropped their fourth album but this was the set that cemented their legacy. “Shoop” became their first top 5 pop hit, “None of Your Business” landed their first Grammy and ”Whatta Man” became their biggest song ever. If you’re talking hip-hop classics, this album should be in the conversation.

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Rome (1997)

After Rome dropped “I Belong to You” in 1997, y’all couldn’t tell me that this guy wasn’t gonna be R&B’s next superstar. Despite a few sporadic releases over the next two decades, the dude all but vanished from the spotlight after his debut album. Oh well, we’ll always have “I Belong to You.”

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  1. Yes!! It’s almost hard to believe there was a time where there were multiple marketable female rappers out and they weren’t beefing with each other. The good ol’ days, lol. Very Necessary was the album though! Groove Me and None of Your Business were my songs–mind you, I was 10 years old and had no business listening to this at all, but hey…Oh, and that PSA at the end? Chilling.

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