Flashback Friday: Uncle Sam and G-Unit

It’s Friday, spring is in the air, and if the pollen isn’t causing your eyes to bleed you’re probably gearing up for a well-deserved weekend.

Well, grab a handful of Claritin D and get your earbuds – you’ve earned it.


Uncle Sam (1997)

If you wanted to fast-track yourself to stardom in the 90s, teaming with R&B’s biggest group would be a good start. Uncle Sam signed with  Boyz II Men’s Stonecreek Records imprint, which led to his 1997 debut and “I Don’tEver Want to See You Again,” the drunkest breakup song ever. Outside of the single, many fans missed Uncle Sam’s album – it wasn’t a bad effort, thanks to Nathan, Shawn and Wanya penning most of the tracks.

Also check out:

“Can You Feel It”

“Tender Love”

beg for mercy

G-Unit, Beg For Mercy (2003)

I think we overlook just how HUGE G-Unit was in 2003. They were such a marketing juggernaut that even your grandma was screaming g-g-g-g-g-g-g-unit while wearing those weird G-Unit tanktops. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the group’s debut album in ’03 but it has grown on me over time, with the album cuts holding up surprisingly well.

Also check out:

“G’d Up”

“Wanna Get to Know You,” featuring Joe

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