Flashback Friday: Mic Geronimo and Ariana Grande

It was looking shaky there for a minute, but we finally made it to another Friday. Let’s celebrate.


Mic Geronimo, Vendetta (1997)

This is usually the space where we discuss those artists who should have been much, MUCH bigger stars and Mic Geronimo is no exception. His sophomore project had it all – a smooth flow, the era’s best beatmakers, a roster of high-profile guest stars that looks like a fantasy dream team. Yet this set still flew under the radar. Catch up.

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“Usual Suspects,” featuring DMX, Ja Rule, The LOX and Tragedy Khadafi

“Single Life,” featuring Jay Z and Carl Thomas

yours truly

Ariana Grande, Yours Truly (2013)

I’ll be honest with y’all – most of Ariana’s current material is nearly unlistenable. Her shrill vocals are like Coko scraping her 4-foot-long fingernails across a 60-year-old chalkboard. But she’s become one of the biggest stars in pop music, so good for her I guess. Y’all can have the current stuff and I’ll stick with her 2013 debut album, a shockingly strong blend of pop and R&B that had everyone comparing her to Mariah Carey. I miss this Ariana.

Also check out:

“Baby I”

“Honeymoon Avenue”

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