Flashback Friday: Today and Big Bub

It’s Friday the 13th!

2016 was scary enough, I’d rather not focus on frights today. Instead, let’s start the morning with hot music.


Today (1988)

I’ve said this a billion times before but it bears repeating: I miss the era of R&B groups. From the late ’80s through most of the ’90s, you couldn’t throw a bag of Pop Rocks without hitting a R&B group member in his well-groomed fade. Though their work is often overlooked these days, Today was among the many (MANY) groups that spawned from the New Jack Swing era. They had a handful of hits under their belt too, most of them residing on their head-turning debut album.

Also check out:

“Girl I Got My Eyes on You”

“Take it Off”


Big Bub, Timeless (1997)

Once Today’s run was over, Frederick Drakeford, aka, Big Bub, branched out on his own in search of solo success. Of his three albums, Timeless might be the most memorable – thanks to his hit “Zoom.”

Also check out:

“Settle Down”

“Call Me”

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  1. I still play this very CD and on Big Bub’s single I love his remix of Zoom !! This group is definitely slept on. They were hot for a minute in he House Party soundtrack (I think)? Either way ” Today ” was a great group ahead of their time similar to Intro, Hi-5, etc… early 90s


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