Flashback Friday: Bobby Brown and Jade

Have you checked out our review of Bruno Mars’ new album?

If not, go handle your business. Read it here.

The album is one big love letter to New Jack Swing, so why not keep the party going? Here are a couple of fondly-remembered albums straight from the New Jack Swing era.


Bobby Brown, Bobby (1992)

Now it’s no secret around these parts that I’m not the biggest Bobby fan. Still, I can’t deny the man’s total dominance of the early 90s – he owned the dance floor. King of R&B? Playa please. King of New Jack Swing? Well, it’s hard to argue that.

Also check out:

“Get Away”

“Humpin’ Around”


Jade, Jade to the Max (1992)

Jade’s time in the spotlight was brief but, man, they made the most of it. “Don’t Walk Away” is STILL remembered as one of the ’90s greatest tracks and remains an instant party starter even today. But don’t sleep on the rest of the album – their debut set was a pretty solid offering. Too bad they didn’t stick around much longer after this.

Also check out:

“I Wanna Love You”

“One Woman”

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