Flashback Friday: Lil’ Flip and 8ball & MJG

We’re a few days out from Halloween, which means most of you are getting your Monster Mash playlists together.

Don’t worry, I already took care of that for you.

Since I saved you some time, stick around for some throwback Southern hip-hop.


Lil Flip, U Gotta Feel Me (2004)

I’ll admit, I was far from a Flip fan during his mid-’00s heyday. Back in Louisville, they played his singles CONSTANTLY – after the 19,489th airing of “Sunshine” I was done with the homie. But I finally gave the album a chance a few years back and it’s pretty solid. Flip has a unique charisma and an underrated flow that really make his tracks click.

“Sunshine,” featuring Lea

“I Came to Bring the Pain,” featuring Ludacris, Static Major and Tity Boi


8ball & MJG, On the Outside Looking In (1994)

The Space Age Pimps were so ahead of their time. 8ball & MJG’s contributions to Southern hip-hop are unfairly overlooked – much of the “wavy” sound that today’s rappers boast is a direct descendant of 8ball & MJG’s soulful grooves. 8ball & MJG’s time in the mainstream spotlight was always fleeting but it’s cool. True Southern rap fans recognize the duo for who they truly are – hip-hop pioneers.

“Break ’em Off”

“Players Night Out”

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