Flashback Friday: The Game and Banks

Before we kick September out of door and usher in the fall season, let’s end the month the right way – by reliving a couple of underrated albums.


The Game, The R.E.D. Album (2011)

Game’s spat with The L Collector Meek Mill proved one thing – when he’s not name-dropping, he’s a pretty potent MC. Game’s debut album rightfully gets lots of love but his 2011 effort wasn’t bad either. From solid concept tracks to radio-friendly fare, Game’s diversity and ferocity is on full display.

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“Born in the Trap”

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Banks, Goddess (2014)

There’s no greater feeling than taking a chance on a new artist and being completely blown away. That was me back in 2014 when I was captivated by Banks’ solo LP. Her follow-up, The Altar hits stores today (read our review, why don’t ya?) and it stays true to Banks’ core sound. As good as that album is, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to revisit its predecessor.

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“F*** Em Only We Know”

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