Flashback Friday: Big Pun and Luniz

Friday’s here, rejoice!

We’ve got a couple of albums to add to your weekend playlist. Peep game.

captial punishment

Big Pun, Capital Punishment (1998)

Pun should have been a megastar. No doubt about it. Going back and listening to his debut is so bittersweet. On one hand, it’s one of the most underrated sets of the late ’90s and a stellar showcase of lyricism. On the other, it’s sad to realize that we lost such talent so soon. “Still Not a Player” may be this album’s greatest success but there’s so much more here to love.

Also check out:

“You Came Up”



Luniz, Operation Stackola (1995)

The Luniz’s greatest claim to hip-hop fame is obviously “I Got 5 On It,” complete with a beat that has become iconic in hip-hop lore. But don’t write them off as one-hit wonders. Their debut album was surprisingly strong, filled with the witty wordplay that makes “I Got 5 On It” so fun today.

Also check out:

“Playa Hata”

“Broke Hos”

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