Flashback Friday: LL Cool J and Lisa Stansfield

Like we always do at this time, it’s the day of the week we hop in our time machine and revisit our favorite eras in music. Check out these two albums.


LL Cool J, G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) (2000)

No, that album title isn’t the usual hollow rapper boast – LL has a legit claim at being the greatest of all time. Don’t feel bad, even back in 2000 rap fans had forgotten about LL’s lyrical prowess, that is until he dropped the “Ill Bomb” on us. G.O.A.T. is one of the more underrated albums in LL’s catalog but adds more credibility to his claim of being rap’s kingpin.

Also check out:

“You and Me,” featuring Kelly Price

“Ill Bomb”

real love

Lisa Stansfield, Real Love (1991)

Before there was Adele, we had Lisa Stansfield, a UK singer blessed with matchless vocals. “All Around the World” is her biggest claim to fame (Puffy’s 1997 sample only added to her legacy) but her 1991 album is what really set her apart. R&B doesn’t get much better than this.

Also check out:


“Time to Make You Mine”

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