Flashback Friday: Kris Kross and The D.O.C.

It’s been a sobering few days here in the U.S. as gun violence dominated our headlines. When our hearts are heavy, music can heal. Check out two albums that have probably slipped your mind in recent years.

young rich dangerous

Kris Kross, Young, Rich & Dangerous (1996)

Everyone remembers the kids who wore their clothes backward and told us to “jump jump,” but they did eventually graduate from middle school, you know. Kris Kross’ third and final album was a much more mature affair – and actually included a couple bangers. I only wish we could have seen more of their evolution. RIP Mack Daddy.

Also check out:

“Young, Rich & Dangerous”

“Live and Die for Hip-Hop,” featuring Da Brat, Aaliyah, Mr. Black and Jermaine Dupri

no one can do it better

The D.O.C., No One Can Do It Better (1989)

Here’s some real talk for the young’ns out there: The D.O.C. was well on his way to becoming an all-time rap great before a car accident derailed his career for almost a decade. His funky debut is regarded by many as a West Coast classic, largely thanks to Dr. Dre’s production. D.O.C. never reached these heights again, but, thankfully, this set has proven to be timeless.

Also check out:

“Mind Blowin'”

“The Formula”

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