Flashback Friday: Johnny Gill and Boss

Because I love y’all so much, I decided to hook you up with a Friday playlist.

Yeah, I know I do that every Friday. But love is love, right?

johnny gill

Johnny Gill (1990)

If you checked out last weekend’s BET Awards, you know the channel is planning a New Edition biopic in 2017. It has the potential to be a rousing success or a flaming disaster, but either way, I bet it’s entertaining. In honor of the movie, I had to salute my favorite New Edition member by far. Johnny’s self-titled album may be the greatest solo work of any NE member. Yes, including Bobby Brown.

Also check out:

“Fairweather Friend”

“Rub You the Right Way”

born gangstaz

Boss, Born Gangstaz (1993)

Like a summer thunderstorm, Boss came out of nowhere, made a ton of noise, then seemingly vanished into thin air without a trace. Her rugged delivery all but guaranteed that she’d be a major player for decades to come. Sadly, we only got one album – but it’s still an album worth spinning today.

Also check out:

“Progress of Elimination”

“Recipe of a Hoe”

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