Flashback Friday: Aaliyah and The Fat Boys

This Friday, I decided to take a look at two album that don’t get enough credit for the impact they made on their respective genres. Check ’em out and see if you agree.

one in a million

Aaliyah, One in a Million (1996)

It’s a testament to Aaliyah’s musical diversity that she was able to bless us with three completely  unique-sounding albums in her short career. When One in a Million, her sophomore album, dropped in 1996, her collaborations with Missy Elliott and Timbaland were downright unearthly. It’s easy to take Timbo for granted in 2016 but 20 years ago, his sound was like nothing we ever heard. Aaliyah doesn’t get enough credit for completely changing R&B’s landscape with this album.

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fat boys

The Fat Boys, Fat Boys (1984)

Remember when hip-hop was fun? The Fat Boys were so great because they were in on the joke — we laughed with them as they poked fun at themselves. What they lacked in lyricism they made up for with massive amounts of charisma and energy. They mastered the art of MC’ing. Give them their due, the Fat Boys were pioneers and this, their debut album, made them stars.

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“Can You Feel It”

“Stick ‘Em”

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