Underrated Christmas Songs 2015, Day 25: The Temptations, Give Love On Christmas Day

temptations christmas

This year at Soul In Stereo, we’re spending 25 days featuring 25 of our favorite underrated Christmas songs — those songs that bring back wonderful memories, yet few people seem to know them. Let’s give those songs the shine they deserve.

Thanks for riding with us this month as we relived our readers’ favorite underrated Christmas gems. But before we wrap up, we have to salute the King of Christmas, The Temptations. “Silent Night” and their rendition of “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer” are beloved classics but “Give Love On Christmas Day” is just as worthy of praise. It’s the perfect song for this day of celebration.

Merry Christmas, playas.



  1. Ed,

    I truly enjoyed this series! Next year add the lyrics, so we can sing along. God bless…

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