New Music: Pusha T, ‘Untouchable,’ R. Kelly, ‘Wake Up Everybody,’ DMX, ‘Ain’t Nowhere to Run’ and more

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We’re halfway through the month of November and you know what that means — it’s time for your favorite artists to come out of hiding and give us new music before the year ends.

They need that Christmas spending money too, you know. Have you SEEN how much those hoverboards cost?

I’ve spent the past few days fawning over Missy Elliott’s new video — rightfully so, of course — but she’s just one of several artists who have re-emerged lately. Let’s look at a few high-profile artists who have stepped back in the spotlight and see if their new material is worth your time.

Jadakiss featuring Lil Wayne, “Kill”

Yes, Jada fans, after a half-decade of hype Top Five Dead or Alive is finally set to drop later this week. This latest is vintage Jada — simply a steady stream of gut-crushing punchlines. Lil Wayne lives up to his end of the bargain too, returning to the maniacal stream-of-consciousness flow that made him a star. The production drags things down a bit though. The HBCU marching band beat sounds a bit dated, like something from an old Trick Daddy record, but overall this is not a bad offering.

Thumbs in the middle

R. Kelly featuring Juicy J, “Marching Band”

There’s a reason why R. Kelly has been putting out hits since Nancy Bush wandered around the White House, he’s a master of evolving his sound with the times. “Marching Band” wouldn’t sound out of place on your local hip-hop radio station playlists — a miracle for an artist pushing 50 year old — but that doesn’t mean this is any good.”Booty so big got a n**** hearin’ trumpets,” sigh, it’s like a bunch of horny band kids wrote this song during lunch. I’m sure y’all will defend it “cuz dat beat go hard tho” but I’ll pass, playa.

Thumbs down

R. Kelly, “Wake Up Everybody”

Now THIS is more my speed. Kellz drops one for the steppers and it works very well, remaining sexy without becoming downright juvenile. Hopefully we’ll hear more of this Kelly on his upcoming album The Buffet and less “Marching Band.”

Thumbs up

DMX, “Ain’t Nowhere to Run”

Remember that horrendous DMX album his label dropped earlier this year? I’m sure you don’t because it was an outright disaster. X claimed that album was released without his permission and he’s probably right. Most of the songs came off like incomplete rough drafts with DMX sleepwalking through his verses. Thankfully “Ain’t Nowhere to Run” is a step in the right direction. X FINALLY delivers his verses with his trademark energy, growling and threatening everything in his radius. I’m not sure if this is an old track or if he’s really back in the studio, it’s just good to hear the REAL DMX again.

Thumbs up

Pusha T, “Untouchable”

Fresh off being named president of G.O.O.D. Music, Push finally delivers new music ahead of his new album, King Push. And MAN does he deliver. Riding a Notorious BIG sample over a sinister track, Pusha licks shots at rivals like Lil Wayne (“Still wishing on a star/The last one to find out that Baby own the cars”) while embracing his d-boy roots (“My barcode is Netflix Narcos/Part on the side of my ‘fro like I’m Pablo/No hablo, I sell blow/Lone wolf, no Tonto, head honcho”). Easily one of the best rap songs of the year.

Thumbs way up

What did you think of these new singles? Let us know in the comments.


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