Flashback Friday: Robin Thicke and Boot Camp Clik

I’m not sure what the weather’s like on your end of the globe but Alabama can’t decide if it’s spring, fall or summer. While I prepare myself for walking pneumonia, y’all check out these hits.

sex therapy

Robin Thicke, Sex Therapy: The Sessions (2009)

Last year this time, Thicke was Public R&B Enemy No. 1 after dropping that dreadful Paula album. But in the realm of music, you’re always just one hot track away from forgiveness. Thicke’s latest singles have been pretty decent, which raises my hopes for an eventual comeback album. In the meantime, take another spin through Thicke’s last great album, Sex Therapy: The Sessions. It was the perfect blend of sensual R&B and playful upbeat cuts.

Also check out:

“2 Luv Birds”

“It’s In the Morning,” featuring Snoop Dogg

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for the people

Boot Camp Clik, For The People (1997)

There’s nothing like a rap supergroup to set off your speakers.  While they were always loosely affiliated, NY spitters Buckshot, Smif-n-Wessun, Heltah Skeltah and O.G.C. officially united for the group’s debut album in 1997. A lot of y’all weren’t feeling the album back then but I think it has aged extremely well. The live instrumentation that was panned then is all the rage today. BCC was ahead of its time.

Also check out:

“Down By Law”

“Rag Time”

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