Flashback Friday: Cam’ron and Chante Moore

TGI freaking Friday. I don’t know about you, but this playa earned this upcoming weekend. Here’s what’s getting me through the final few hours of the week.

come home with me

Cam’ron, Come Home With Me (2002)

Killa Cam is nearly every rap fan’s guilty pleasure. He effortlessly glides from brilliant to embarrassing, often in the same verse. Come Home With Me was his breakout album, introducing his insanity to the masses and kicking off the Dipset craze that dominated hip-hop in the early ’00s. Hate him or love him, the man had hits.

Also check out:

“Hey Ma,” featuring DJ Kay Slay, Juelz Santana, Freekey Zekey & Toya

“Welcome to New York City,” featuring Jay Z and Juelz Santana


Chante Moore, Exposed (2000)

Chante never seemed to get her due. She was overshadowed by more established divas in the early 90s and practically ignored by the early 2000s. That’s too bad because Exposed features some of her best work. From ballads to dance tracks, Ms. Moore always showcased her versatility.

Also check out:

“Straight Up”

“Take Care of Me,” featuring Da Brat

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  1. She is the greatest singer,she deserves credit,not to be compared to anyother,or discriminated for that matter,she’s the best,listen to any of her song,you’ll know what I’m saying,other artist are just pushed to make millions,but chante is using her talent,she’s like SADE ,the are talented but not recognised.

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