Love Letters: Future, Ciara, Russell Wilson and the Baby Stroller Battle


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Here’s today’s question:

Future recently said that he had an issue with his ex-love Ciara’s new love Russell Wilson pushing his son’s stroller. Do you see where that should be an issue?


Well first a little background. In a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, the walking pack of ramen noodles y’all call Future said he couldn’t care less about CiCi. Courtesy of US Magazine:

“I swear, man, I’m not thinking about her,” the rapper, 31, said on The Breakfast Club on Thursday, July 16. “I mean, I want her to be totally happy. Like you gotta understand, you want a person to be happy [but] I’m not bitter.”

But he’s not bitter. Uh huh.

Minutes later, he says this:

“Of course I wouldn’t want someone pushing my son,” the Dirty Sprite 2 artist said when asked about the May photos of Wilson pushing Future Jr. in a stroller. “Like, that’s the No. 1 rule. Like, if I was a kid and my mom had a dude pushing me, I would’ve jumped out of the stroller and slapped the s–t out of…you never do that in our community. You don’t even bring a man around your son. You know this dude for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kid?” he continued. “Who does that? Nobody does that.”

Who does that, you ask? YOU DO THAT, FUTURE.

So it’s OK for Ciara to attend Future’s 5th grade graduation soon after they became a couple but it’s OUT OF LINE for Ciara’s boyfriend to be around their son?

Future’s judgement, like his music, is total trash.

Also like Future’s music, if you strain your ears long enough, you can sorta understand his nonsense. That doesn’t stop it from being nonsense, of course. As a mother, Ciara should be very careful about whom she allows around her child, especially early on in her relationships. That much I’ll agree with Future on. Of course, Future didn’t heed his own advice when he was dating Ciara, so unless there’s some weird double standard where it’s OK for new girlfriends to be around children and not new boyfriends, eight words come to mind:


I won’t question Future’s concern for his son and he does have a point – Ciara shouldn’t let Russell Wilson around her child until she truly trusts him. That’s an important lesson for any mom in the dating world. But Future’s rantings sound more like bitterness than actual concern.

being honest


Do you agree with the saying “if a man comes with more than 1 child don’t date him because all his money is going towards child support?”

Money on My Mind

Good lord, it’s 2015 and some of y’all still got that Gangsta Boo mentality.

Lemme tell you why that “saying” makes me go Super Saiyan — it perpetuates the stereotype that a “good man” means “someone who gives ALL his money to his woman.” And if he has prior responsibilities — precious bundles of joy that were around before y’all came around with your offering plates — that cuts into your hair styling surplus fund, and we can’t have that.


I’m begging y’all, please date a guy because of who he is, not because of what he can buy you. The number of kids he has is no indication of his generosity. Even with zero kids, he might be the stingiest man alive.

If that man is supporting his family, be it two kids or 2,000, let him live. If he’s truly a good man, you’ll get yours. But the babies should be his priority, not you.


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