Flashback Friday: Three 6 Mafia and Young Buck

Some of y’all have mentioned that I rarely show Tennessee rappers love here on Soul In Stereo. And you know, you’re right. So today, let’s swing by Nashville and Memphis for a couple of old favorites.

when the smoke clears

Three 6 Mafia, When the Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1 (2000)

I’ll admit that I was never a huge Three 6 fan but I can’t deny that the boys had hits — many of ’em reside on my iPod. Early 2000 is when they finally kicked their way into the national spotlight and invaded clubs across the country. Less than a decade later, they’d have an Academy Award. Life is crazy.

Also check out:

“Tongue Ring”

“Who Run It”

straight outta cashville

Young Buck, Straight Outta Cashville (2004)

Remember when 50 Cent’s G-Unit RAN the game? In this music reviewer’s humble opinion, the hottest album from 50’s protégés wasn’t from the beloved Lloyd Banks (and lord knows it wasn’t from Tony Yayo) – nah, Young Buck held the crown. His gritty presence alone was enough to turn heads, but it was his surprisingly inspired wordplay that really won me over.  It was one of the most slept-on albums of the era.

Also check out:

“Stomp,” featuring Ludacris, TI and The Game

“Bonafide Hustler,” featuring 50 Cent and Tony Yayo

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