Flashback Friday: Juvenile and Canibus

1998 was such an awesome year to be a fan of hip-hop. Here are two reasons why.

400 degreez

Juvenile, 400 Degreez (1998)

I’ve had a running argument with one of my boys for months now over 400 Degreez. He calls it an undeniable hip-hop classic. While I think it’s a great album, I’m not so sure I’d call it a classic. Regardless of classic status, this is the album that launched Juve’s mainstream career and set Cash Money Records on their path of dominance. No debate there.

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“Follow Me Now”


Canibus, Can-I-Bus (1998)

Man, back in 1998, Canibus was the new hotness, hip-hop’s first round draft pick, the one artist rap critics and fans alike proclaimed to be the next big thing. Yeah, that didn’t work out too well. Still, you can’t deny Canibus’ lyrical talents. His debut album should have set the stage for bigger things.

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“I Honor U”


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