Why Keith Sweat’s SweatFest 2015 Will Be The Greatest Concert in Music History

A couple of weeks ago, on the weekly YouKnowIGotSoul x SoulInStereo podcast, the topic of an R&B revival came up. We speculated that one way to bring attention back to the neglected genre is by holding a star-studded concert that bridges the gap between generations.

We needed a hero. It’s no doubt who we got.


King Keef Sweat gonna show you how to do this, son.

Keith has assembled an R&B concert so star-studded that it makes the “We Are the World” singers look like Young Money in comparison. Check out who’s on deck:

112. SWV. Joe. Tank. Teddy Riley. Ginuwine. Dru Hill. Raheem DeVaughn. Silk. Pleasure P. Bobby V. Even KUT KLOSE is gonna get a check outta this!

This is gonna by MY Woodstock.

BUT WAIT. If that lineup isn’t enough to make you change your draws, that’s far from all. Keith’s also holding a listening party for his new album! Yes, the homie has a new album coming too!

going crazy

We are not worthy of such blessings.

Truly we are mere weeks away from the most significant moment in R&B since Stevie Wonder picked up his first harmonica.

And y’all wonder why I rep for Keith so hard. Excuse me, I’m gonna need a moment.

obama tears

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Get your tickets here.


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