Flashback Friday: Yo-Yo and Patra

This Friday, let’s head back to the 90s to show love to a couple of artists who have been unfairly overlooked. A little reggae and hip-hop is just what you need to get you through your day.

make way for the motherload

Yo-Yo, Make Way For the Motherload (1991)

Female MCs have taken a lot of criticism over the years for overt sexuality, but not Yo-Yo. Her music was always filled with themes of women’s empowerment, something the game could stand to use today. Yo-Yo’s messages were never preachy though, she knew how to have a good time while spreading positive messages.

Also check out:

“Girl, Don’t Be No Fool”

“Stompin to tha 90s”

scent of attraction

Patra, Scent of Attraction (1995)

Ah, Patra. The dancehall queen was ever-present in the mid-90s, effortlessly cranking out club bangers. Her 1995 sophomore effort had every girl with dookie braids grinding to its beats.

Also check out:

“Dip and Fall Back”

“Scent of Attraction,” featuring Aaron Hall

What ever happened to: Patra

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