Flashback Friday: Keith Sweat and Carl Thomas

So earlier this week, everybody and their momma shared with me a list compiled by Very Smart Brothas listing 10 singers who, allegedly, can’t sing. I ain’t linking to the list because I’m petty. The list included some of my faves, including Mary J. Blige, Amerie, and his royal flyness, The Godfather of R&B Keith Sweat.


Half of y’all throwing rocks at the throne are same ones calling my Cousin Chris Brown the new Michael Jackson while also putting Rihanna on the same pedestal as Aretha Franklin, so I ain’t here for your opinions.

Instead, I’m gonna rock out to two artists who I still love, despite your Internet shade. Admit it, you still love these brothers too.

get up on it

Keith Sweat, Get Up On It (1994)

Unless this is your first day here, you know King Keef is on my personal R&B Mount Rushmore.  Get Up On It dropped during the prime of Keith’s career. It’s not one of his most celebrated albums, but it’s a banger nonetheless.

Also check out:

“How Do You Like It,” featuring Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes

“When I Give My Love”

let's talk about it

Carl Thomas, Let’s Talk About It (2004)

None of Carl’s later albums get as much love as his 2000 debut, but Let’s Talk About It certainly has its strong points. It’s a solid mix of his vintage soul sound over the era’s modern production. I don’t care what y’all say on the Internetz, he’s far from a bad singer.

Also check out:

“Make It Alright”

“My First Love”

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