New Music: Janelle Monae featuring Jidenna, “Yoga”


It seems like every other week, y’all accuse me of being “too hard” on songs that are meant to “be fun.”

I have no problem with fun songs. I have a problem with stupid songs.

“Yoga,” the latest banger from interstellar superstar Janelle Monae, proves you can have a great time without sacrificing brain cells. No question, the infectious production is undeniably catchy, but dig deeper into the lyrics and you’ll find the insight Janelle is known for. This ain’t just a song about showing off your booty in yoga pants, it’s about dancing away life’s burdens:

Crown on my head but the world on my shoulder
I’m too much a rebel, never do what I’m supposed ta

And trust, “you cannot police me so get off my areola” is gonna be the most repeated line of the year. I approve of this debauchery.

“Yoga” features Jidenna and will be part of the Wondaland compilation EP The Eephus. Check for it May 6.


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