Flashback Friday: Beanie Sigel and Father MC

PLAYA. I don’t know where you are this fine Friday, but my neck of the woods is a frozen wasteland. Sub Zero, Elsa and Mr. Freeze are posted up on the block and no man is safe.

Y’all check out these old favorites while I warm up this soup.

the truth beanie

Beanie Sigel, The Truth (2000)

The homie Nick Birdsong drops this one off, reminding us that not too long ago, Beans was considered one of the heirs to rap’s throne. His debut mixed street grittiness with just a touch of social consciousness — no matter how cold-hearted his rhymes, he always showed a sliver sensitivity. It really made his music authentic. Man, I miss the old Beans.

Also check out:

“The Truth”

“Playa,” featuring Jay Z and Amil

father's day father MC

Father MC, Father’s Day (1990)

WAAAY before Drake cluttered the airwaves with his Valentine’s Day verses, Father MC was preying on the ladies. Father MC was a pioneer in more ways than one — not only did he blur the lines between rap and R&B, he also introduced the world to legendary acts like Jodeci and Mary J. Blige. And yep, even Puffy made his “dancing” debut by flailing around like a pigeon in “Treat Them Like They Want to Be Treated.” Plus, he loved to take his shirt off, so blame Father MC for that trend.

Also check out:

“I’ll Do 4 U,” featuring Mary J. Blige

“I’ve Been Watching You,” featuring Lady Kazan

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