Flashback Friday: Kool G. Rap and SWV

If you’re reading this, I’m happy to report that your eyelids haven’t frozen shut. I’m not sure when North America switched places with the South Pole but this brother needs some relief.

In the meantime, cozy up with these bangers.


Kool G. Rap, 4, 5, 6 (1995)

Kool G. Rap was already a bonafide hip-hop legend by the time he split from DJ Polo and dropped his first solo album in 1995. He really didn’t have anything to prove, but that certainly didn’t mean he wouldn’t go hard. The homie Nick Birdsong nominated this album for us, an album that yielded a hit single in “Fast Life” and a grimy street sound that still endures.

Also check out:

“It’s A Shame”

“Blowin’ Up In the World”

i missed us

SWV, I Missed Us (2012)

When this joint dropped in 2012, I was truly taken by surprise. SWV was unquestionably one of the biggest female R&B groups of the ’90s, but we know most comeback stories don’t have happy endings. With this album, SWV hopped back in the game and sounded like they never left. I Missed Us succeeded because they didn’t try to shoehorn themselves into current trends. SWV stayed true to their sound, and it worked.

Also check out:

“I Missed Us”

“Keep You Home”

Soul In Stereo review of I Missed Us

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