Underrated Christmas Songs, Day 10: Soul Duo, “Just A Sad Xmas”


Every year at Soul In Stereo, we spent 25 days featuring our favorite holiday songs. But this year, we’re featuring the 25 most underrated Christmas songs — those songs that bring back wonderful memories, yet few people seem to know them. Let’s give those songs the shine they deserve.

The holidays certainly have their share of depressing songs, but this cut from the Soul Duo ranks among the best. The Duo — Little Ida and Little Daddy — put in a big performance over a bluesy backdrop. Their pain is our pleasure.

Want to add your favorite underrated Christmas songs to our monthlong playlist? Simply drop them off at soulinstereoblog@gmail.com, on our Facebook page, on Twitter @etbowser, or stop by the comments section. Merry Christmas, playas!



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