Love Letters: What Men Should Bring to the Table

Fall is on the way, so you know what that means – time to get boo’d up for those chilly fall nights.

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Here’s today’s question:

A coworker of mine said that recently during a company outing a fellow coworker’s brother was interested in her. However he wouldn’t approach her because he didn’t feel like he was “bringing enough to the table.” In male terms what does this mean?

Table Setter

Here’s a newsflash that a lot of women don’t realize, and some brothers never want to admit:

Men have insecurities.

If you ask my female friends, there are really only two types of men – those who have it all together (the desirable ones) and those who THINK they have it together but don’t (of course, you avoid them like Rick Rawse avoids stairs).

But it’s not that simple. Some men have issues in their lives that they feel need to be straightened out before they can commit to a relationship.

I’m not talking about those Donell Jones-type excuses, where a man won’t commit because he hasn’t gotten all the freak out of his system yet – if you just hold on he’s be RIGHT BACK, after he gets tired of running around with new chicks.

No, some guys aren’t ready to commit because they need to get their houses in order. Maybe this guy is focusing on improving his finances, maybe he’s still wrestling with a prior relationship, maybe he’s trying to move out of his momma’s basement and get his cell phone bill in his own name – who knows. But your friend should respect a man who is willing to better himself before bringing someone else along for the ride.

What else do y’all have for me today?

What does a woman do if her man is lacking in the bedroom department?

Satisfaction Not Guaranteed

Lord help us all.

The majority of men out there are more than willing to put in work to satisfy their woman. But we aren’t mind readers. If you need ol’ dude to stop slackin’ on his mackin’, give him some guidance.

Now don’t belittle the brother. Um, “belittle” was probably a bad word choice.

Anyway, instead of being critical, provide a little bit of direction. Tell him what you want and I bet he’ll be more than happy to oblige.


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