Cali Swag District Member JayAre Dead

West Coast rap collective Cali Swag District has suffered yet another loss. From

JayAre (born Cahron Childs) suffered from sickle cell anemia and was admitted to the hospital on Thursday night for unknown reasons. While in the hospital JayAre fell into cardiac arrest and died.

JayAre’s death follows the murder of M-Bone, who was killed in a drive-by shooting in 2011, leaving Smoove, Yung and JayAre to carry the banner.

Cali Swag District’s greatest claim to fame is, of course, “Teach Me How to Dougie,” a song even your grandma probably knows at this point. I may not have been the biggest fan of their music but my heart goes out to CSD as they cope with yet another heartbreaking loss.


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