Flashback Friday: Eddie Soundtrack and Blue Streak Soundtrack

Earlier this week, we took a look at great 90s soundtracks that represented sucky 90s movies. If you missed the fun, go check it out here.

Well, reader Derrick Dunn wanted to add a couple more stellar soundtracks to the list. Check out what the homie offered. They’re great.

Eddie Soundtrack (1996)

Derrick said: “Soundtracks can sometimes be hit or miss. For every classic soundtrack like Purple Rain, you have one where the soundtrack overshadows the film, as is the case with the 1996 Whoopi Goldberg flop Eddie. The soundtrack introduced to Dru Hill with the still relevant slow jam “Tell Me.” For that reason alone, the soundtrack deserves to be mentioned as a great soundtrack. Other highlights from the soundtrack included the Coolio & Lakeside party starter “It’s All The Way Live,” the slow jam “Say It Again” from Nneka and the first appearance from the still-underrated Myron with “Sistas.” All in all this was a fine soundtrack that deserves another listen.”

Also check out:
“It’s All The Way Live (Now),” Coolio
“Say It Again,” Nneka

Blue Streak Soundtrack (1999)

Derrick said: “1999’s Blue Streak may be more remembered than Eddie due to Martin Lawrence’s popularity, but the soundtrack is just as a strong. One of the most notable songs from the soundtrack was Jay-Z’s “Girl’s Best Friend” which has the late ’90s signature sound that Swizz Beatz made his trademark. One of the few songs I liked by the Hot Boys, “Rock Ice” featuring Big Tymers was also on the soundtrack. The strongest song on the soundtrack and most memorable has to be Playa’s “Playboy Like Me” which showcased the vocal talents of a group that should have been bigger.”

Also check out:
“Playboy Like Me,” Playa
“Rock Ice,” Hot Boys featuring Big Tymers

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