Flashback Friday: MoKenStef and TLC

You know we love R&B girl groups here at Soul In Stereo. Let’s look back at arguably the best group ever and a short-lived group that’s still fondly remembered.

Remember MoKenStef? Henry Barnett does.

MoKenStef, Azz Izz (1995)

MoKenStef’s “He’s Mine” was a pretty successful hit in the 90s, and its legacy is still remembered by today by women dealing with unfaithful men. “He might be doing you/But he’s thinkin’ about me” might be the most delusional line I’ve ever heard, but I can’t front, it was a hit.

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Kimberly Jackson remembers TLC’s final triumph.

TLC, FanMail (1999)

Kim said: My Flashback Friday choice is TLC’s comeback CD FanMail. After filing bankruptcy TLC had to make back all the money they lost. FanMail was a tribute to the many fans the group accumulated over the years. It truly was a tribute with the male-bashing hit “No Scrubs” right down to the “I’m Every Woman”-type anthem “Unpretty.” Sadly it would be Left Eye’s last album with T-Boz and Chilli. While FanMail was not the trio’s best CD it is a classic.

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