Flashback Friday: Nas and Binary Star

It’s Friday, who’s ready to take a trip through hip-hop history with me?

Take another look at these standouts.

Nas, Stillmatic (2001)

This year marks the 20-year anniversary of the greatest rap album of all time, Illmatic. Nas is celebrating by releasing a documentary chronicling the making of the classic. While we patiently await that, relive another of Esco’s classics – the album that silenced whispers that said the king was losing his luster. Never that. Ask Jay-Z.

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Binary Star, Masters of the Universe (2000)

I must admit I arrived to the Binary Star party pretty late. Masters of the Universe was a remixed release of the Michigan group’s 1999 debut Waterworld. I didn’t get my hands on the album until 2006 or so, when it was re-released. Man, I almost missed out. If you’re into rhymes about cash and cars, you’ll be utterly bored. But if you’re looking for an hour of flawless lyricism, this is the album for you. With that style of hip-hop finally being accepted by the masses again, Masters of the Universe fits in quite well in today’s rap scene.

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