Sway and Charlamagne the God Confront Kanye West. Finally.

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Hip-hop journalists, I’m proud of you.

Finally, FINALLY, you’ve stepped up and called Kanye West out for his self-righteous garbage.

In case you missed it, Kanye was put on blast by Charlamagne the God during an interview on New York’s Power 105. Charlamagne rightfully pointed out Kanye’s constant contradictions, including Ye’s self-portrayal as some sort of revolutionary while simultaneously wallowing in the excess that comes with fame.

I didn’t see Marcus Garvey making videos like THIS.

Later, Sway conducted a separate interview with Ye where Yeezy TOTALLY lost his mind. A mere question from Sway sent Ye off the deep end, who labeled himself a victim for being unable to break into the fashion industry. Sway, earning every ounce of my respect, SHUT KANYE DOWN without compromising his professionalism. You can hear the rant here.

Let’s face facts. The Kanye that dressed like a teddy bear is dead and buried. People grow, people change. We shouldn’t waste time pining for the return of “the old Kanye.” It’s as pointless as waiting for Biggie to hop out of his grave or thinking Pac will return from his vacation in Barbados or whatever.

While it’s OK to accept Kanye for what he is  a trend-setting hip hop artist and producer (when he’s not singing autotune, at least it’s long past time that we stop making excuses for his immature rants and paparazzi thuggery.

We don’t buy Kanye’s music because he’s a tortured revolutionary. We buy it because, on his best days, he makes inventive, relatable tracks. Kanye empowered millions of listeners by speaking the truth on tracks like “Never Let Me Down.” That’s how you influence a generation, not screaming at a radio host about being blackballed from the fashion industry.

And for a guy who is always complaining about being a “New Slave,” he sure loves those whips and chains. Why would you enter an industry that you claim is corrupt, then have a fit when you’re a victim of that alleged corruption?

Oh yeah, the money.

New Slave Ye has every opportunity to walk off the plantation, yet he sits in the field singing Negro spirituals. In autotune.

To quote the great No Malice, “blinded is him who calls it a trap yet still enters in.”

And that’s the problem. Kanye has become the monster he so often preaches against, the disillusioned glory hound blinded by the Flashing Lights of fame.

Kanye’s hurting, but you know what? He’s human. He’s gonna make mistakes. Just don’t make the mistake of buying into his BS.

That’s why I’m glad Sway and Charlamagne are around to set the hip-hop world straight.

They’re not hating. They’re trying to help. Ye needs it.



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