R&B Divas Returns But Some Cast Members Won’t

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Goods news for fans of TV One’s R&B Divas reality series! From madamenoire.com:

This morning TV One announced on “News One Now” that the network has picked up its popular reality series “R&B Divas Atlanta” for a third season and “R&B Divas LA” for its second season.

My wife despises pretty much all reality TV but the allure of C-list R&B stars is too much for her to resist. And I’ll freely admit that R&B Divas is one of my favorite shows right now.
Brothers, don’t you dare give me grief for watching R&B singer catfights. Half of y’all are just as obsessed with Steebie J and Peter Gunz on Love and Hip Hop.
Speaking of reality show drama, although R&B Divas: ATL has been renewed, according the madamenoire, the cast list has some notable omissions, including Faith Evans, Xscape’s LaTochia Scott and everyone’s least favorite member of Brownstone Nicci Gilbert. 
Faith’s departure isn’t a big surprise – she seemed pretty over the show by season two. LaTochia didn’t do much so she likely won’t be missed. But the ATL landscape will totally change with the departure of Nicci, who spent both seasons terrorizing castmates. 
We need a new villain – maybe Kelly Price can pull double duty from her R&B Divas: LA stint. She has more than enough stank to go around.
Who do you think should replace the departing divas of ATL?

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