Hotstylz disses Eminem. OK, Then.

Sensitive thugs, y’all all need hugs.

Eminem’s been getting a lot of props for his mind-bending flow on his latest single, “Rap God.” But y’all know me, it doesn’t take much for me to pick apart your favorite songs.

Here are my thoughts on the track from my review of Em’s The Marshal Mathers LP 2:

“Rap God” has been heralded as one of the year’s best tracks – and lyrically it’s in a class of its own. But the beat is oddly outdated. It makes me wonder if this was originally planned for Dr. Dre’s mythical Detox album. Why else would Em reference a six-year-old one-hit-wonder like “Lookin’ Boy?”

I wasn’t the only one unimpressed. Hotstylz is ready for war.

And if you have no idea who or what a Hotstylz is, you ain’t the only ones.

The trio, along with rap thespian Yung Joc, are the masterminds behind “Lookin’ Boy” and their diss track “Rap Fraud” targets Em for jacking their flow.

Playa please.

Normally, I’m all for calling out lazy rappers who steal lines from superior artists and call it a “tribute.” But no one with the sense God gave geese would call Hotstylz “superior.” Or “hot.” Or rappers. They never even dropped a real album! I’ve got kids in my church youth group who have like 37 mixtapes, flooding the streets with that 8th grade fire! Where have Hotstylz been?

The only thing Hotstylz accomplishes in their pitiful diss is mocking Em’s government name. Considering one of their names is Garren “Meatball” Hodge, pots shouldn’t be running around these Internet streets calling kettles black.

Really, the track is just a four minute therapy session as they whine about not getting paid for having their rap flow stolens and names mentioned. Huh, I wonder if Hotstylz paid Morris Chestnut, Chris Rock, Cam’Ron, Mase, Pepe Le Pew, Mike Vick, David Ruffin, Elmo, Bone Thugs, SpongeBob, Raz B and Scooby Doo when they name dropping all of them on their precious song?

I’m sure Em won’t even bother responding to this vain cry for attention. And if he does, he’ll Duke Nukem in one line. Life as a shorty shouldn’t be so rough.

Really, here’s all you need to know about “Rap God” vs “Rap Fraud.” Em spent about 30 seconds using the “Lookin’ Boy” beat; Hotstylz spent four minutes rapping over four classic Eminem beats.

Hotstylz needs to go back to the lab and make another hit, lookin’ boy.

Listen to “Rap Fraud” below. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



  1. Dude, I couldn’t even listen to this whole thing. I made it through about a minute and a half. Are they serious? They sound like some little kids whining about somebody stealing their lollipop. Man, they need to get their lives and quick. Em has plenty to think about outside of them and this rap is definitely not part of what he’s thinking about for sure. Absolutely ridiculous. Playa please.

  2. I got past maybe them dissing his name and then the second beat that they stole for the purpose of the song and couldn’t finish. Like they should be thankful that he pointed some attention I’m their direction. When I heard that HotStylez Got all upset over “Rap God” I was like, “Who tf?” I mean what grown man is in a group called hotstylez anyway. Eminem doesn’t need a group of grown children to be what they could never get close to becoming.

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