Flashback Friday: Boyz II Men and Pebbles

Friday’s here, so that means it’s time to look back. Remember these bangers?

First, G. Jones revisits a classic.

Boyz II Men, II (1994)

G said: “Boyz II Men is probably my favorite R&B group of all time. Their harmonies on everything are amazing, but particularly “Water Runs Dry” and “On Bended Knee.” Find myself listening to them often.”

Also check out:
“On Bended Knee”
“I’ll Make Love to You”

Edward does not want to ride in her Mercedes. She probably will charge him.

Pebbles (1987)

Edd said: “Well, thanks to CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, 80s-era R&B star Pebbles has become public enemy No. 1 in the eyes of nostalgic TLC fans. I’m not sure why everyone is suddenly so appalled, Pebbles’ money-grubbing antics have been common knowledge for years. I’d question the sanity of anyone who would want to do business with her, but you can’t deny that she was a hitmaking machine in her heyday. Most of the tracks from her debut still hold up – and I’m not just saying that because she’ll sue me.”

Also check out:
“Do Me Right”

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