Flashback Friday: Lupe Fiasco and Erykah Badu

Never take the little things for granted. Thanks to a nasty cold, I’ve been unable to breathe out of my nostrils all week. I’m at work now with my tongue hanging out of my gaping mouth like a panting dog. Times iz hard.

But things are looking up – the weekend is here. Here’s what we’re listening to.

The Cool gets Javacia fired up.

Lupe Fiasco, Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool (2007)
Jai said: “With Ani DiFranco and Beyonce being two of my favorite artists, my friends know I love my music feminist and fierce! But when I’m running or race walking, I need some rap in my life. Many of the tracks from Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool are some of my favorites to have with me at the running trail. The Cool gets me pumped up when I’m trying to get in a good workout. Plus, this album is laced with fantastic lyrics — good for the body and the mind.”

Also check out:
Give Edward a window seat.

Erykah Badu, New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh (2010)
Edd said: “Now I bet y’all thought I selected this album just to have an excuse to post the delectable ‘Window Seat’ video. Give your boy a little credit. Badu’s most recent release also happens to be some of her best work. While New Amerykah Part One was a bit too experimental for my tastes, Part Two was a return to form, reminding us why Badu is a leading soul lady. But that video, oh lord….”
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