Love Letters: Seven Marriage Moments No. 4

Bet you haven’t seen a first wedding dance like this.

In three days, my wife and I will mark seven years of marriage. In this edition of Love Letters, I’ll be counting down the biggest moments of our marriage and how they made us stronger.

In cased you missed them, here’s Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Marriage Moment No. 4 – We Like to Party

Yesterday I talked about how horrible our wedding rehearsal was. Some folks might have taken it as a sign that maybe this union wasn’t meant to be. But y’all know how stubborn we are – we pressed ahead and the following day was magical.

That magic was capped off at our wedding reception.

Our wedding was cool because it was a collection of family and all the friends we’ve made during the years. My friends and fam from Virginia, her friends and fam from Alabama and our new friends from Louisville came together to celebrate. And man, did we celebrate.

I think we set the world’s record for the largest Electric Slide line in history. My mother-in-law and our friend/wedding photographer had a dance-off to ODB’s “Got Your Money.” The DJ was so raucous that people barely stopped partying long enough to watch us cut the cake.

Lesson of the day: Some of y’all start new relationships and totally cut off your old friends. It’s an extremely short-sighted mistake. Your partner should always be the most important part of your life, but not at the expense of friends and family. They’re there to celebrate in the good times and offer support when times are rough.

Plus, they just make life fun. Check out a few reception outtakes below.

Our mentor and journalism legend Merv Aubespin steals my new bride. Merv’s wife Deb and my dad watch the robbery take place. 

Shannon, Erin and little Jasmine breaking it down. Jasmine’s almost a grown woman now. Aww.

My mother in law challenging the photographer. An epic dance-off ensued.

You gotta watch out for those church ladies. My girl Ms. Emma wore me out.
A crowd gathered as we cut the cake but all took off when the DJ played Busta Rhymes’ “Touch It.” Those haters got no cake.



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