Love Letters: Seven Marriage Moments No. 2

The day the Earth stood still.

In five days, my wife and I will mark seven years of marriage. In this edition of Love Letters, I’ll be counting down the biggest moments of our marriage and how they made us stronger.

In case you missed it, here’s Part 1

Marriage Moment No. 2 – Edd Meets Keith Sweat

Unless this is your first day on Soul In Stereo (and if so, where have you been?) you know all about me and Keith Sweat. People constantly ask “WHY do you love Keith Sweat so much?” The answer is simple – his music sounds like melodies raining down from Mount Olympus. Keith is THAT DUDE.

The wifey knows my Keith admiration better than anyone and it proves she’s the strongest woman I know. Could YOU put up with me singing “Right and a Wrong Way” a capella all day long?

Despite those annoyances, she moved heaven and earth to arrange a one-on-one meeting between me n’ Keith in 2009. You can read all about it here – it’s one of my favorite pieces I’ve written. Shocking, I know.

Lesson of the day: There seems to be a huge misconception among some women that it’s only right for a man to shower them with gifts, attention, affection, etc., while we dudes fend for ourselves. Nope, it goes both ways. If you want your man to treat you like a queen, you’d better pamper him like the king of the castle. The wifey pulled major strings to allow me to meet Keith only because she knows I’d do the same for her.

Ugh, in that case, I guess I need to work on kidnapping Justin Timberlake.



  1. Even though I constantly joke about your Keith Sweat obsession, this is one of my best memories simply because of the look on your face when I told you that you were going to meet him. It was priceless. And it felt so good to do something that made you so happy.

    Side note: When Justin Timberlake came to Louisville everyone in the office kept saying they expected to come in and find JT tied up in that pink chair I had next to my desk.

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