Listen Up: 2 Mello, “An Encore In Time (Jay-Z vs. Chrono Trigger Mashup)”

It’s not often that I get so excited about a track that I totally drop my cool and revert into geek mode.

Thanks a lot, 2 Mello.

The Lexington, Ky., producer/filmmaker set the Internet ablaze earlier this week when he released “An Encore In Time,” a beautiful blend of Jay-Z’s 2003 hit “Encore” and one of the scores from the classic 1995 Super Nintendo video game Chrono Trigger. My fellow video game heads know that Chrono Trigger is one of the greatest video games ever released (I think I played it for about three years straight). It also features a soundtrack that was years ahead of its time.

2 Mello’s production ranges from NY-style sample-heavy hip-hop to lush electronic soundscapes. He joined the online label Scrub Club Records last summer, giving him a new outlet for his music.

Chrono Trigger’s magnificent score will be the backdrop for Mello’s upcoming Chrono Jigga mashup project, which will be released March 10. Teaming one of my favorite rappers with one of my favorite games? I might wind up playing that album for three years straight too.

Check out “An Encore In Time” below. It makes my inner rap/video game nerd rejoice.

For more on 2 Mello, visit his website and Facebook page and follow him on Twitter @MelloMakes.

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  1. Amazing track, thanks for sharing!

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